Moqop - Design automation platform

What is Moqop?

Moqop is a simple web app that generates pretty Instagram Stories from your Strava Activity. After connecting your Strava account you can pick the workout and Moqop will render the image with a decent route line over the photo and shows important data from your workout.
🔗  https://moqop.com · Try it out, it’s free

Why I’ve made Moqop?

Strava’s awesome for tracking workouts and managing an internal community, but when I wanted to share my activity on social media.
Struggling with the quality of generated content pushed me to the decision to build a tool that can generate better images I can share on Instagram.
There’s also a huge potential to build a design automation tool based on the current implementation. Designers would create a design template in the visual studio and API calls will generate unlimited versions of the designs by passing the data to the template.
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  • Connect Strava account
  • Generate Instagram story
  • List of last 30 activities
  • Open startup
  • Watermark
  • Mobile friendly
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