Experience & Skills

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Product managementProduct DesignDesign SystemIconsCoding

Interpersonal Skills

Communication • Problem Solving • Cross-functional Team Leadership

Industry Knowledge

User Interface • User Experience • Web Design • Responsive web • 3D Modeling • Wireframes • Graphic Design • Interaction Design • Web Development • SEO • Start-ups • Rapid Prototyping • Analytics • Product Management • User Flows • Visual Design


JavaScript • HTML • CSS • Git • Node.js • Next.js • Tailwind • Mongoose • REST API • Web sockets • Arduino


🎨My toolset


From vision to release

I possess excellent UX/UI design skills and practical knowledge in web development, which helps me to turn visions into remarkable products. I am capable of managing the entire product development process, from idea to release.

Product Research

Investigating user needs and understanding the market can maximize the quality of decision-making and demonstrate the best way to solve the problem.

User Experience

Solve user problems and create simple flows to help users complete their tasks quickly. Research and market knowledge are essential for making the right decisions.

Concepts & Prototypes

Product building needs valid solutions before investing resources into Development. Interactive prototypes help product owners to verify user needs and make sure the feature is easy to use.

User Interface

Create an intuitive design with general principles users can easily acquire. Product is a user’s tool to get his job done.


I made thousands of icons for any topic. From navigation to complex 3D tools, icons explain the story behind it. They should be easy to understand and simple as much as possible


Product communicates with a user like everything from the real world. Every single step in the process of reaching the goal should give feedback to the user with some kind of micro-interactions.


Excellent knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JS can be used for fast prototyping and also for production-ready code with adherence to DRY and BEM principles


Prioritise tasks by the impact on the company’s goals and community’s needs. Prepare the backlog for the next sprint.


Detailed task description with all edge-cases ensures fewer misunderstandings and direct communication aligns all team members with the vision.

Cross-team Cooperation

Developing a wide range of side projects expanded my horizons at the Back-End and I understand what needs to be done to develop the product.

Testing & Release

Communicate with developers during the sprint to make sure they’re aligned with design requirements. Check Pull Requests, give feedback and plan the release.


Track user journey, check conversion rates and evaluate the effectiveness of the behaviour to optimize and improve the product.