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Bouldy is a climbing wall management platform for climbing gyms to plan routes online and mark them with useful labels & QR codes. Gyms manage routes with a user-friendly dashboard, analyse climbing data, and get feedback
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Product research


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The idea behind Bouldee and rebranded Bouldy names come from the word bold.
The bold person shows a willingness to take risks. A person is confident, persistent and courageous to do whatever they're passionate about.
Problems Bouldee as a brand name was considered a typo of the word ‘boulder’. That was mainly the reason for rebranding.
Lesson learned Make sure your new brand name is not similar to any other word that search engines can correct since they could have a much higher rank than your new word modification.

Workout tracking solution

There’re many options on how to track climbers on the wall. From using cameras with AI detecting climber’s progress to building a custom IoT infrastructure that operates with NFC bracelets. All of the ideas had so many obstacles and they were not reliable enough to build a 100% bulletproof product.
QR code is the king queen
Climbers scan QR codes at a starting hold to track their success. It’s a fair-play sport so we trust our users.


Custom gym website Every gym can publish its own customised website with a list of routes, opening hours, location, contact information, and real-time occupancy meter.
Labels with QR code The gym can generate a sticker or label that contains a QR code, the route’s name, difficulty and the date of creation. The sticker is downloadable in vector format so the print looks great.
Headcount During difficult Covid times, a lot of countries had count limitations per square meter. Bouldy can help with sharing this information with clients so they can check the occupancy before heading to the gym. Data are reflected in real-time, it’s manually editable, but it can be extendible by the camera counter.
User management The platform supports full user management and contains a Privacy policy and Terms of use documents.

Potential scale

Challenges Let the users challenge each other or run competitions for a specific time period and motivate your community. Just set up the date range, routes that need to be climbed and spread the work.
Workout tracking Climbers will get an option to track their progress by scanning QR codes. All the data are presented in easy-to-read visual charts. After each climb, users can share feedback with the gym owner so they can improve the route for other climbers.
Membership Registration to the gym can happen much earlier than a climber visits the gym for the first time. They can fill out the form, set up their picture image and they’ll get the access card on arrival.
Customer tracking We’ve built an IoT customer tracking authentication system based on RFID cards so you can let the user use contactless cards on entry, make a quick checkup(if necessary) based on his photo and if they have a valid membership, the system lets them in.
Any gym implementation